Our 3rd Boombox celebrates CityCoins’ launch in Miami!

For our 3rd Boombox, we wanted to celebrate one of the most exciting projects in the Stacks ecosystem: CityCoins’ launch of MiamiCoin! CityCoins gives communities the power to improve their cities, while providing crypto rewards to individual contributors and city governments alike. Miami is the first city they launched in, where 30% of MiamiCoin mining rewards are sent directly to a wallet reserved for the city.

Now what does Boom have to do with this? Why launch a Boombox that depicts Boom and CityCoins chilling in Miami together? First of all, we love the Stacks community and think this is a great innovation for the ecosystem…why wouldn’t we want to celebrate? Moreover, we believe that CityCoins’ vision of utilizing stacking as a mechanism to reward cities with bespoke coins, aligns closely with our vision to reward creators with bespoke Boomboxes.

So there you have it! Hope you enjoy the 3rd Edition as much as we do.


Boom is a Stacks wallet that lets you create and manage NFTs.