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Boomboxes are a new type of NFT built on Stacks. They allow people to do delegated stacking of their STX and receive an NFT which acts as an automatic claim certificate on their portion of stacking rewards. Read on for details!


1. Get some Stacks (STX)

2. Install the latest…

For our 4th Boombox*, we decided to step away from the digital renders for a moment and have some fun with 3D printing and a camera. Then we decided to have even more fun by offering a few of these 3D prints to people that pick up a 4th Edition…

For our 3rd Boombox, we wanted to celebrate one of the most exciting projects in the Stacks ecosystem: CityCoins’ launch of MiamiCoin! CityCoins gives communities the power to improve their cities, while providing crypto rewards to individual contributors and city governments alike. …


Boom is a Stacks wallet that lets you create and manage NFTs.

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